Site Surveys


Jatropha/Yellowhorn Orchards

The most promising terrestrial plants in arid climates for producing biodiesel and synthetic diesel is the 2nd Generation, high-yield feedstocks Jatropha and Xantrees.  Our bio-oil orchard survey will evaluate how well the land and resources will sustain an orchard.  It also includes presentations and feasibility study for the harvesting, biomass processing and logistics.

Micro Algae Farm

Our survey will take into consideration water rights, climate study, natural gas network, grid and communication connect opportunities, soils study, landscape and supply line logistics to determine potential for a micro algae farm.  Micro algae farms produce biomass which is processed into biodiesel, methane or synthetic diesel.  Every ton of micro algae biomass absorbs 2 tons of CO2 and generates over a ton of oxygen.

Synthetic Diesel (Syndiesel)

As the ultimate target solution to replace all transportation fuels, Synthetic Diesel or Syndiesel can be produced from almost any biomass.  It is completely sustainable and can be produced in almost any geographic location.  While companies and universities world-wide have various processes, ETC Green has built relationships with research and development firms that have announced a timely path to financial viability for this solution.


ETC Green performs both conductivity testing and exploratory borehole testing for geothermal power plants.  Borehole testing is necessary to determine the viability of the resources for a utility or specific co-generation scale geothermal energy plant.


Our sunlight exposure test is completed over the course of a few days and that data along with the latitude and longitude of the site is used to calculate the amount of direct and indirect sunlight the property will receive over the course of a year.  The survey includes solar panel placement and orientation as well as the best solar technology match to the site characteristics and funding opportunities.


We conduct our wind surveys over several weeks, months or even years to get an accurate assessment of wind speeds (average and maximum) for the property.   This testing determines if the property has wind energy potential and which type and models of wind turbines will be viable.  ETC Green Staff have installed over 150 weather stations to date and have a dedicated, high-availability Internet database/web server in place to store and report the collected data.

Note: Some surveys require longer than others to complete.  An accurate projection for wind energy potential will require several months.  Other surveys such as biofuels, geothermal and solar can be completed in a few weeks.