A primary goal of ETC Green is to help as many clients Go Green as possible, in whatever ways possible.

Our business model supports a wide range of business relationships from hourly consulting to complete project development and site build-out.  Some clients prefer hands-on involvement while others simply wish to have their properties developed with little direct interaction.  Whether you need general advice on how toGo Green, project management working with contractors and suppliers, or believe your property has utility scale Green Energy potential, ETC Green can help.

Credible models show that by the end of this century, essentially all of the fossil fuels on earth will be consumed—oil, natural gas, and coal.  Consider the following world model for all fossil fuels:


6-26-09 Nelder Chart 1

Source: “Olduvai Revisited 2008,” The Oil Drum, by Luís de Sousa and Euan Mearns. Cumulative peak is Data sources: Jean Laherrère for natural gas, Energy Watch Group for coal and The Oil Drum for oil.

By the end of this century – a mere 90 years from now – we must have an energy infrastructure powered exclusively by sustainable and renewable sources.