Israel Aerospace Industries and Airbus have developed a robotic taxi that could cut aviation emissions by changing runway procedures. This taxi would move planes into position on runways rather than continuing the common practice of planes using their main engines to position themselves at runways and gates. By 2012, that practice could waste about $7 billion in fuel and emit 18 million metric tons of CO2 annually. In his 2006 report Branson: Airlines Can Cut CO2 Emissions 25% in 2 Years, Virgin Airlines CEO Richard Branson proposed something quite similar: using electric tugs to position planes that would otherwise have to taxi. (Source: Environmental Leader, June 29, 2009).

Contact: Doron Suslik, Deputy Vice President of Communications, Israel Aerospace Industries, +972 (03) 935-8509,,; Airbus Americas, (703) 834-3400,