Purdue researchers have found no performance difference between the use of B20 and regular diesel in semitrailer trucks during a year-long study. According to lead researcher, John Lumkes, the study compared two 10-vehicle truck fleets with the same engines and similar mileage using No. 2 ultra-low sulfur diesel and B20 for slightly more than 1.5 million miles during the year. The only statistical difference related to B20 use was that the oil viscosity between maintenance intervals in the engines was slightly lower than the ultra-low sulfur diesel. But even so, Lumkes said the oil still had sufficient viscosity so as not to damage engine parts. (Source: Newswire, June 9, 2009)

Contact: John Lumkes, Purdue University, (765) 494-1173, lumkes@purdue.edu, www.purdue.edu Quantitative Evaluation of an On-Highway Trucking Fleet to Compare #2ULSD and B20 Fuels and their Impact on Overall Fleet Performance, Abstract