PR| 2009-08-17: Emerging Technology Corporation (ETC) Green Division announced today they have completed the purchase of the remaining hard assets of a Los Angeles based high efficiency A/C manufacturer & distributor.

The hardware includes A/C units capable of running in either off-grid or grid-tie configurations.  The units will run for hours on an internal battery system that may be powered/recharged by solar panels and/or wind turbines.  These A/C units along with other equipment is slated to be installed throughout Nevada and Utah in the coming months.  An estimated 50 tons of equipment has been moved to the ETC Green warehouse in the Henderson, NV area.   ETC Green will install 4 of these 3 ton A/C units on their corporate headquarters building and will power them via a wind turbine and solar panels.  ETC is striving to achieve a zero carbon footprint for company operations within the year.