Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - 4KW 2ndGen

We are proud to distribute the 4KW Second Generation Vertical Axis Wind Turbines from Urban Green Energy (UGE).

With the UGE-4KW 2G, you can make your own choice to ensure your energy is provided by 100% clean, renewable energy. Whisper quiet, the UGE-4KW 2G can be installed on a tower or on a roof.

This turbine is not only amazingly efficient, but offers sculptural qualities to actually enhance the aesthetics of a roof line. The unit is offered in white, charcoal and titanium to compliment existing design schemes.

The UGE-4KW 2G is engineered to comfortably power an average American home when the average wind speed is just over 10 mph (16 km/h).

Grid-tie functionality means that when you generate more electricity than being used, the excess power feeds into the grid.  When your wind turbine is not producing enough electricity for the property’s demand, the grid will automatically provide the required electricity. We can install multiple wind turbines to generate the needed power level for a property.

Data Sheet (jpg)



Performance Metric Imperial
Rated Power 4 kW
Rated Wind Speed 12 m/s 26 mph
Operating Range 3-25 m/s 6 – 55 mph
Maximum Wind Speed 50 m/s 111 mph
Noise Level at 3 Meter Distance
With wind speed below 7 meters/second < 27 DB
With wind speed between 7-10 meters/second < 32 DB
With wind speed between 10-13 meters/second < 37 DB
Physical Parameters
Mill Size 4.2m x 2.75m 13’9″ x 9’0″
Tower Height (standard) 5.5m 18 ft
Gross Weight w/o Tower 200 kg 440 lbs
Gross Weight w/ tower 500 kg 1120 lbs
Gross Weight w/ Roof Mount 350 kg 770 lbs
Permanent magnet Direct Drive DC Generator
Rated Temperature -40C – 115C -40F – 239F
Wind Interface Box (Power-One Aurora PVI-7200)
Output 0-600Vdc
Grid Tie Inverter (Power-One Aurora PVI-6000)
Input (DC) 50-580V DC
Ordered to meet local grid specifications. Battery
Backup is available as an option.