Combined Solutions

Over the past 5 years we have evaluated hundreds of properties primarily for utility scale renewable energy opportunities.  So often the owners and funding sources are focused on a single solution – solar, wind, geothermal or biofuels.  In many cases, our surveys, reports and financial projections could not justify the capitalization of the Green Energy assets against the value of their land so the projects did not move forward.

Over the past year we have been combining multiple renewable energy solutions together for installation on the same property.  This approach increases the capitalization recovery rate per acre – sometimes actually doubling the monthly revenues with as low as a 50% increase in site development costs:

  • Common survey cost
  • Common cost of clearing and leveling land
  • Single security system
  • Single land purchase/use lease negotiation
  • Single grid connect
  • Single property tax
  • Single set of utility connections and monthly bills
  • Reduced Staff travel time
  • Common service roads
  • Increase in Carbon Credits
  • Increase in power generation

Combinations such as Xantree orchards beneath single axis solar arrays, wind turbines on the perimeter of solar and Xantree orchards, geothermal plants below wind farms, micro algae farms below solar and wind, etc. are supported by our models.

We are currently working through Combined Solutions on 7 large scale projects.  Within the next few years, this approach has the potential of making the renewables industry financially viable even without government incentives.