Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is purchasing GHG emission reductions from California Bioenergy’s livestock methane capture project at a Kern County dairy near Bakersfield. Expected to be completed in 2010, the project will process manure from the dairy through an anaerobic digester to trap the methane gas produced as the manure decomposes — good for 75,000 metric tons of carbon credits. This PG&E investment was made on behalf of the company’s 30,000 ClimateSmart customers who pay a little extra on their bill each month to balance their CO2 emissions. (Source: The Business Journal, June 3, 2009).

Contact: Russ Buckenham, CEO, California Bioenergy, (646) 896-3989,,; Robert Parkhurst, Manager Climate Protection and Analysis, PG&E, (415) 973-1470,,