Altius Automotive Technologies, a new Indian Private Limited company spearheaded by former Hyundai Motor India chief, BVR Subbu, is in partnership with California’s Hayes Diversified Technologies to manufacture engines that sip on various fuels including diesel. HDT supply motorcycles to the US armed forces.

The initial India plan includes the manufacture of small displacement, multi-fuel motorcycle engines. Their first bike will be the 670cc on/off road Scimitar, named after a lethal, thin and curved South Asian sword. The Scimitar looks a typical multipurpose, on/off road motorcycle, standing tall on long travel suspension.

A sturdy bar wraps around the handlebar protecting its controls, with nice quality switches, levers and mirrors, the Scimitar also provides a good set of palm grips. The compact speedometer includes a bar type tachometer and engine temperature gauge. Everything looks and feels built to last.

HDT’s fourth generation heavy fuel (diesel) motorcycle engine powers the Scimitar. This will soon become the only Indian motorcycle to run on diesel, or a choice of JP8, JP5, JP4, AVTUR, JET-A1, or even Biodiesel thanks to multi-fuel technology.

Based on the higher efficiency, lower emissions and longer life expectancy of diesel engines over gasoline, we expect diesel powered motorcycles to dominate the market within 10 years.