Two brothers from the UK have driven a luxurious Jaguar XF sedan across the U.S., crossing 11 states, three time-zones, and some 2,884 miles in the process.

While this in itself is nothing spectacular, the fact that they did it while averaging a fuel economy of 52.4 mpg is amazing.  This represents 63mppg running on B20.  The key was the car’s engine. This Jaguar XF driven by David and Alexander Madgwick on their quest was an XF 2.2 CRD/TDI Diesel. This model isn’t currently sold in the U.S. so the brothers, with the help of Jaguar, had one shipped over from the UK. Yes, it was a right-hand drive model.

Finishing in Los Angeles, California, after starting in New York, the journey–the equivalent of traveling from London to the Sahara over eight days. Yet the XF only required four stops for fuel (over 700 miles per tank), while also traveling at an average speed of 53 mph and reaching a fuel economy peak of 55.8 mpg on the penultimate day of the trip.

For Jaguar, the journey was designed primarily to test the potential economy of the XF 2.2 Diesel. As its name suggests, the advanced luxury sedan is powered by a 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine rated at 190 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque.

The incredible mpg figures achieved by the car were accomplished through making every element of the new XF as efficient as possible–from its aerodynamics to its diesel engine linked to an eight-speed gearbox and high-tech stop-start system.

The official average mileage figure is 52.2 mpg, which is rather impressive when you consider the XF is a reasonably sized luxury sedan able to dish off 0-60 times in the eight seconds bracket and top out at 140 mph.

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