There are numerous Incentives available for the installation of renewable energy



 Name  Sectors Benefit Type Amount  More Information
 Property Tax Abatement for Green Buildings  Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family Residential  Tax Abatement  Up to 35%  Click Here
 Renewable Energy Producers Property Tax Abatement  Commercial, Utility, (Renewable Energy Power Producers)  Tax Abatement  50%  Click Here
 Renewable Energy Systems Property Tax Exemption  Commercial, Industrial, Residential Property Tax Exemption 100% Click Here
 Renewable Energy Sales and Use Tax Abatement  Commercial, Industrial, Utility, Agricultural, (Renewable Energy Power Producers) Sales Tax Exemption  Any Above 2% (varies by county)  Click Here
NV Energy – RenewableGenerations Rebate Program Commercial, Residential, Nonprofit, Schools, Local Government, State Government, Agricultural, Other Public Buildings State Rebate Program $1.50-$4.20/Watt Click Here