We are proud to distribute the 1MW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines from Urban Green Energy (UGE).

Our UGE 1000H turbine is designed to meet the variable wind conditions or grid specifications at your location. We can tailor our products for a wide variety of sites, from different tower heights to varying blade lengths. The integrated cooling and
heating systems ensure that our turbines can operate in all types of weather. The UGE 1000H can operate in temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 40°C temperatures while withstanding temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 45°C.

UGE Wind Turbines are among the quietest wind turbines in their class, measuring a sound level of 101.4dB(A) at a wind speed of 8m/s. The generator has Class H insulation to ensure noise is not an issue. The blades are engineered to minimize noise.

The UGE 1000H is manufactured by an ISO9001 certified supplier to assure quality. Quality of our products is considered in everything we do.  Our dedication to the wind energy industry ensures we always deliver high quality products and customer service.  Furthermore, after we have completed our own quality tests, we have an third party complete its own tests to provide the client with further assurance. SGS ( performs the pre-shipment inspection on the wind turbines with the following scope:

* Visual inspection
* Dimension control
* Review of test/inspection records
* Check of packaging

The core of our business model is the availability of our products. We make every effort to provide a solution for all of our customers. We place a remium on having some of the shortest delivery times in the wind energy industry – something that our skilled manufacturers work hard to support. If you have a narrow time frame, count on UGE to deliver.


Performance Metric Imperial
Rated Power 1 MW  
Rated Wind Speed 13.5 m/s 30 mph
Operating Range 3.5 – 25 m/s 8 – 55 mph
Maximum Wind Speed 55 m/s 123 mph
Tip Speed 70.5 m/s 157 mph
Rated Speed 13.5 m/s 30 mph
Rotor Rotation Speed 21.95 RPM  
Power Regulating Mode Stall  
Primary Brake 3-blade tip aerodynamic  
Secondary Brake Mechanical on shaft  
Wind Class IEC IIA / GL IIIA  
Physical Parameters    
Rotor Diameter 54.4 m 178 ft
Hub Height 70 m 230 ft
Blade Weight 4.35 mt / blade 9590 lbs
Number of Blades 3  
Blade Composition Reinforced Glass Fiber  
Tip Brake Control Hydraulic Auto/Manual  
Lightning Protection Included in blade  
Nacelle Weight 40.5 mtonnes 89,287 lbs
Rotor Weight 18.5 mtonnes 40,785 lbs
Tower Weight 88.8 mtonnes 195,770 lbs
1-Stage Planetary, 2-Stage bevel gear    
Gear Ratio 1:69.155 / 1:82.824  
Rated Power 1100 KW  
Forced Automatic heated and cooling lubrication    
Double-coil asynchronous generator    
Rated Power 200 / 1000 KW  
Rated Voltage 690V  
Rated Frequency 50 / 60 Hz  
Rated Current 193 / 909A  
Rated Rotation Speed 1510 / 1516 /
1212 / 1818 RPM
Protection Level IP54  
Insulation Level H / F  
Lubrication Automatic Greasing  
Cooling Water Cooling  
Yaw System    
Active and Automatic Control    
Yaw Bearing Inner gear bearing  
Yaw Speed 0.75 degrees  
Yaw Brake Disc with dampener  
Max Rotation 720 degrees  
Type Computer  
Monitor Data RMON  
Grid Connection    
Power Factor Compensation Capacity Compensation  
Power Factor (COS) 0.95 – 1