We are proud to distribute the 1.5MW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines from Urban Green Energy (UGE).

The UGE 1500H is tailored to meet local characteristics such as grid specifications and wind conditions. Various tower heights and blade lengths are available; versatility that makes it adaptable to a wide variety of sites. Cooling and heating systems mean that weather is never a concern. In fact, the UGE 1500H can withstand temperatures as low as – 40°C and as high as 40°C.

The UGE 1500H utilizes the most advanced technologies to provide excellent performance. The permanent magnet generator provides high efficiency at low wind speeds, resulting in increased average energy yield. Individual pitch control ensures that the wind turbine will protect itself in severe weather.

The barometric pressure in the nacelle is higher than the external environmental barometric pressure. Therefore air quality is good in the nacelle after filtration in the engine room intake. Thus, the in-cabin components’ lifespans can be lengthened, which is extremely helpful in coastal and sand-dust environments.

The core of our business model is the availability of our products. We make every effort to provide a solution for all of our customers. We place a premium on having some of the shortest delivery times in the wind energy industry – something that our skilled manufacturers work hard to support. If you have a narrow time frame, count on UGE to deliver.


Performance Metric (H-S / H-SE) Imperial
Rated Power 1.5 MW  
Rated Wind Speed 11 / 10.5 m/s 24 / 23 mph
Operating Range 3 – 25 m/s 6 – 55 mph
Survival Speed 70 / 59.5 m/s 156 / 133 mph
Physical Parameters    
Rotor Diameter 77.36 / 82.7 meters 254 / 271 ft
Number of Blades 3  
Swept Area 4638 / 5320 m² 15,216 / 17,454 ft²
Standard Hub Height 60-75 / 65-80 meters 197-246 ft /
213-262 ft
Blade Composition Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin  
Lightning Protection Electrical Grounding  
Grounding Resistance 0 < 4 Ohms  
Nacelle Weight 64 mtonnes 141,095 lbs
Rotor Weight 35 mtonnes 77,161 lbs
Drive Train    
Ratio 103.4483  
3-stage w/ 2 planetary gears & 1 parallel axis    
Pitch System    
Type Electric  
Pitch Bearing Type 4 contact double ball  
4 levels of double fed asynchronous generators    
Rated Power 1550 KW  
Reliability IP54  
Speed 1800 RPM  
Rated Temperature Operation -10 to 40C / -30 to 40C 14 to 104F /
-22 to 104F
Rated Temperature Survival -20 to 50C / -40 to 50C -4 to 122F /
-40 to 122F
Type MingYang / Beckoff  
Inverter / Converter IGBT bidirectional inversion  
Rated Output Power Factor + / – .95