ETC Green is in the process of establishing Green Energy Co-operatives with geographically and technologically similar clients.  The purpose of these Co-operatives is to provide infrastructure to reduce overall capitalization for ETC Green and its clients via economies by scale.  To date we have established 6 regional Co-Op’s in 5 states.

For instance, if a client wishes to enter into the biofuel production business, we will work with our total client base as well as vendors and suppliers to align working assets such as automated harvesters and bio-oil processing facilities which will reduce the capitalization that would otherwise be required for a single new Green Energy site.

The emerging technology for Green Energy production will become more efficient over the next several years.  Our business model supports and awards early investors by mitigating the risk via distribution.

A principal concept of Green Energy production is that for at least the next decade, there is virtually no direct competition with other Green Energy producers.  Co-operative efforts to achieve maximum production efficiency to compete against traditional energy sources is the focus.

Please contact us for more information about our Green Energy Co-Op offerings.