included a new report on “Global Biofuels Market: Opportunities, Emerging Technologies and Production” which gives details about the Biofuel and Bioenergy production.

Global Biofuels Market: Opportunities, Emerging Technologies and Production

This report is the most comprehensive treatment of the biofuels market available. Worldwide data is provided on biorefineries, conversion and separation technologies, manufacturing, research and development, organic biofuels, consumption, capacity, components and competition. ( .. )

This report delves into the global efforts to develop technologies that improve the refining processes associated with many

different types of biofuels and its growing consumption among nations throughout the next few decades. Biofuel is expected to become a major renewable resource to produce fuel, electricity, heat, and other sources of power. To compete with other energy types will require development and implementation of an enhanced biorefinery process that minimizes its impact on local environments. Developing sustainable fractionation and separation technologies will be a key factor for the success of refining biomasses into renewable energy.

Biorefinery technology differs from traditional oil based refinery technology because it will be mainly water-based. Today’s biofuels involve either ethanol or diesel, with the former accounting for roughly 90 percent of the market. Brazil, the United States, and China are the greatest producers. More than half of the world’s bioethanol is generated from sugar cane; the rest comes mainly from corn. Biodiesel is mostly derived from rapeseed and sunflower.