The U.S. DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has announced partnerships with 13 small, U.S. solar businesses under its PV Technology Pre-Incubator program. The following proposals have been selected in Massachusetts:

# 366 Technologies, Inc. in Lexington – $500,000 US to develop a kerfless wafering technique for the production of silicon wafers. Contact : Editor’s Note: We are unable to determine contact details for 366 Technologies at this time.

# Lightwave Power Inc. in Cambridge in cooperation with Iowa State University – $ 450,000 to develop a novel roll-to-roll photonic-enhanced thin film solar cell, raising performance levels. Contact : B. Diane Martin, Lightwave Power, (617) 354-5684,,

# Vanguard Solar, Inc. in Sudbury – $500,000 to develop a novel nanostructured II/VI semiconductor-based thin-film PV cell. Contact : John W. Palmer, President & CEO, Vanguard Solar, Inc., (508) 361-1463,,

The Pre-Incubator program aims to bridge the gap between the concept verification stage of a technology and the development of a commercially viable prototype. The program is aimed at small businesses that have the capability to enter the market by 2012. Previous project details were provided in earlier editions. We will conclude our coverage of these projects in the next edition. (Source: NREL, June 9, 2009)

Contact: William Algiene, Senior Subcontract Administrator, PV Technology Incubator, NREL, (302) 384-7423,,