The U.S. DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has announced partnerships with 13 small, U.S. solar businesses under its PV Technology Pre-Incubator program including the following:

# SpectraWatt, Inc. in Hillsboro, Oregon – $500,000 US to improve silicon solar cell efficiency through the use of an additive nano-structured material. This project aims to increase the performance of standard multicrystalline-silicon solar cells through increased current collection in a way that does not require modifications to existing manufacturing process streams. Contact : SpectraWatt,,

# Luna Innovations Incorporated in Danville, Virginia – $499,994 to investigate new acceptor molecules for the development of improved high efficiency organic PV cells. Contact : Luna Innovations, (540) 769-8400,,

# Semprius, Inc. in Durham, North Carolina – $500,000 to optimize the primary and secondary optics for a transfer-printed microcell-based concentrating PV. Contact : Kyle Benkendorfer, Senior Director, Business Development, Semprius Inc. (919) 433-9980,, (919) 433-9980,

Details of additional funded projects were included in earlier editions. This concludes our coverage of these projects. (Source: NREL, June 9, 2009)

Contact: William Algiene, Senior Subcontract Administrator, PV Technology Incubator, NREL, (302) 384-7423,,