The U.S. DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has announced partnerships with 13 U.S. small solar businesses under its PV Technology Pre-Incubator program. The following proposals have been selected:

  • TiSol, LLC in Pasadena, California – $499,100 US to develop a viable technology for thin film deposition in open atmosphere using a unique flame synthesis methodology. This project aims to reduce cost and increase the deployment of dye sensitized solar cells through a reel-to-reel fabrication of layers within the dye cell. Contact : TiSol LLC, (626) 476-0829,,
  • Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. in Littleton, Colorado – $315,037 to develop Zinc Magnesium Oxide (ZnMgO) window layers enabling high performance mid-bandgap CuInGaSe2 on polyimide modules, offering the potential to increase the performance of the CuInGaSe2 device through an increase in the absorber bandgap. Contact : Joseph McCabe, VP, Business Development, Ascent Solar Technologies, Phone: 720-872-5000,
  • EPIR Technologies, Inc. of Bolingbrook, Illinois – $500,000 to develop a high efficiency single-crystal Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) solar cell. Contact : Brandi Lattin, Business Development, EPIR Technologies, (630) 771-0203,,
  • MicroLink Devices in Niles, Illinois – $500,000 to develop high efficiency, low-cost, multijunction solar cells based on epitaxial liftoff and wafer bonding. Contact : Glen Hillier, Research and Development Manager, MicroLink Devices, (847) 588-3001,,

    The Pre-Incubator program aims to bridge the gap between the concept verification stage of a technology and the development of a commercially viable prototype and is aimed at small businesses that have the capability to enter the market by 2012. Previous project details were provided in yesterday’s edition. We will provide details of additional projects in subsequent editions. (Source: NREL, June 9, 2009)

    Contact: William Algiene, Senior Subcontract Administrator, PV Technology Incubator, NREL, (302) 384-7423,,