Hello all,

Welcome to the blog portion of the website.  The purpose of the blog is to provide information to readers on the events and adventures of ETC Green staff in an informal way.

It is such an honor to meet and work with all the cool people in our service area.  Last month we met the individual who is credited with the development of the 2 stage super-charger and dozens of other inventions.  We have an autographed picture of Sanford and his 1945 team in our display case.  He also was in the historic nuclear training program at General Electric and was the 1st speaker for the 1st Annual Conference of the American Nuclear Society in 1955.  Sanford married a powerhouse of a woman, Marilyn, who was the head of Human Resources for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC TV) for decades.  What a thrill for us to meet and get to know these people.

Climbing to the top of a 6,000ft ridge line to collect wind data, dropping thermal sensors 3+ miles to the bottom of a geothermal exploratory well, mooing at all the cows on the ranches.  We are having fun!

Moapa Cows