According to The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the environmental ramifications of EVs from well to wheel are significant. The study took into account all factors along the lifecycle of an electric vehicle, from the toxic battery ingredients like nickel and copper to the energy sources which power the grids that ultimately charge the cars’ batteries. “The global warming potential from electric vehicle production is about twice that of conventional vehicles,” one part of the study concludes, indicating that energy developed from lignite, coal, or heavy oil combustion makes it “counterproductive to promote electric vehicles.”

Every emerging technology needs early supporters and if you can afford to pay $1-$2/mile to operate a small vehicle that offers limited range and you plan to operate your EV in grid areas not powered by coal plants, then the current EV manufacturers and future EV technologies will benefit from your support and we salute your commitment to this emerging technology.  It has a very real potential at some point in the future (20-30 years) of being more environmentally friendly than other current options.  If you have limited financial resources and still need to drive a private vehicle as is the situation with the vast majority of our nation’s population, we strongly suggest you join the U.S. Migration.  While we are often criticized for reporting the facts, we have been educating the public for years.

EV’s and Hybrids are not our Future

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U.S. Migration

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