PR| 2011-05-20: The Emerging Technology Corporation (ETC) – Green Division announced today they have completed negotiations and are opening their new European Operations Center in southern Poland.

Forests cover 28.8% of Poland’s land area and more than half of the country’s land mass is devoted to agriculture.  Often described as the ‘bread basket of the European Union’, Poland is also the most important breeding ground for European migratory birds and supports higher numbers of species and wildlife populations than any other European nation. These environmental characteristics and use of resources represent a value system that is well matched to that of ETC.

The new operations center will increase staff as supply contracts and product sales are developed.  ETC main operations, located in southern Nevada, USA, will make over 400 renewable energy products available through this distribution channel.  Also, Poland has a mandate that all diesel fuel sold must contain 7% biodiesel (B7) today with a ramp-up schedule to 20% (B20) over the coming years.  ETC is planting large scale orchards for the production of biodiesel and will help supply Poland’s growing demand for fuels particularly for their heavy agricultural equipment in the future.  A B20 biodiesel blend reduces harmful emissions by about 18% over petrodiesel only fuel.