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WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Look for some of the latest clean diesel cars and pick-up trucks in the Advanced Technology SuperHighway display at the Washington, DC Auto Show, which runs January 27-31 at the Washington, DC convention center. The Diesel Technology Forum – an educational group representing diesel manufacturers, suppliers and fuel refiners – will anchor the clean diesel display in the Advanced Technology SuperHighway at the Washington Auto Show.

“Our clean diesel display will be unique, where consumers can learn more about the many benefits of today’s new clean diesel cars and trucks,” said Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum. “At the show, visitors will be able to see the acclaimed 2010 Green Car of the Year the clean diesel-powered Audi A3 TDI. In addition, luxury performance sedans and sport utility vehicles from BMW and Mercedes-Benz will be on display along with the new Golf TDI hatchback from Volkswagen, all of which are available to consumers right now. These are drivers cars, family cars and economy cars all wrapped up into one,” noted Schaeffer.

In addition future clean diesel products will be displayed at the show including the acclaimed Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion, which in European configuration achieved over 70 miles per gallon. Consumers looking for hybrid choices may soon have another in the Volkswagen Lite Up! where a small a clean diesel engine combined with a hybrid powertrain gets over 70 miles per gallon.

“The show is not just about exciting diesel cars, but pick-up trucks as well. In this region, there are plenty of weekend warriors who take advantage of the region’s vast outdoor recreational opportunities by towing boats, camping or horse trailers will find a special display of the latest diesel pick-up truck options. Whether it be towing a boat to the Chesapeake Bay or a camping trailer to western Maryland or a horse trailer to Shenandoah Virginia, truck owners are already in the know about the legendary power and performance of the diesel engine,” noted Schaeffer. The big three – Dodge, Ford and GMC – have an impressive 2010 line-up: the new Ford Powerstroke Diesel, the Ram Heavy-Duty with the Cummins Turbodiesel and the GMC Silverado featuring the Duramax diesel will all be displayed.

Many drivers in the Washington, DC region would find a clean diesel car to be the better “green car” choice that can deliver consistently high fuel economy. This region has a mix of some downtown city driving, but also a great deal of interstate driving at highway speeds on the beltway crossing the District, Maryland and Virginia, with an occasional weekend trip to the beach, mountains or maybe to New York City. It’s also not unusual for this region to have commuters driving 100 plus miles round trip each day into the DC Metro area from Maryland and Virginia. In each of these cases, clean diesel cars and pick-ups offer consumer’s proven ways to get better fuel economy than gasoline and some other alternative fuels vehicles, save energy and greenhouse gas emissions and spend less time at the pump.

Diesel fuel is readily available throughout the Washington, DC region, with nearly half the service stations now selling ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. In addition, the region has the added feature that State DOT highway service signage in Maryland and Virginia indicates specifically the exit locations where consumers can find service stations with diesel pumps.

“This advanced technology showcase is a unique display that will also be open to the nation’s policymakers and legislators from Capitol Hill for an opportunity to compare the new generation of clean diesel cars side-by-side with other alternative fuels and technologies,” said Schaeffer. “Clean diesel technology offers up to 40 percent fuel economy savings while, at the same time reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 20 percent compared to gasoline. Diesel is a proven technology that is available today and can offer consumers reduced energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, the potential to use renewable fuels like biodiesel, all without sacrificing performance.”

For more information, including a list of diesel vehicles currently available for sale in the U.S., a diesel savings calculator, and links to diesel fuel locators, visit www.dieselforum.org.


The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the economic importance and environmental progress of diesel engines and equipment. Forum members represent the three parts of the modern clean-diesel system: advanced engines, cleaner diesel fuel and effective emissions-control systems.