DARYL HANNAH is urging parents to teach their children about the environment in a bid to halt “the biggest extinction crisis in human hist ory”.

The vegetarian Splash star has been a keen green activist for years, ru nning her home on solar power and driving a car that runs on biodiesel.
She’s backing the United Nations’ (U.N.) International Day of Diversity on Saturday (22May10) to teach kids about the importance of looking afte r the planet – and is urging the adults in their lives to help them learn about nature.
She tells Britain’s Live from Studio Five, “We are in the midst of the biggest extinction crisis in human history. We’re losing 150 to 200 speci es every 24 hours and it’s all human caused. The UN and the CBD – the Con vention for Biological Diversity – are trying to figure out ways to get k ids engaged because they’re our future champions of the planet.

“You want as much diversity as possible and to encourage that with (chi ldren planting) seeds is a great way. Another great way to encourage kids is to put up a bird’s nest or to go out and be little scientists and tra ck what’s in their neighbourhood, and clean up their neighbourhood – a pa rk or a river.
“Just get them out there. Most kids prefer to be inside watching TV or playing video games and that’s called the nature deficit disorder – it’s a real disorder and can affect kids’ brains in a negative way so it’s imp ortant we get them engaged and to care about the environment.” (CL/WNVL5/