A new report called Technology for a Low Carbon Future tells world leaders how to use clean tech to slow climate change and give humanity more time to transition to a world powered by renewable energy. The paper, by former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Bre aking the Climate Deadlock initiative, calls for a dramatic escalation in renewable energy and energy efficiency programs combined with comprehensive efforts to slow deforestation.

According to the Climate Group, it’s vital to keep the planet’s temperature from rising by no more than 2°C (3.6° F) by 2050, and these efforts will yield more immediate results than more controversial and expensive proposals — including carbon capture and sequestration, and cap-and-trade programs.

The executive summary comes to five conclusions based on current understanding of the science, and the technologies that will help solve the problem:

  • We know the technologies we need, where to deploy them and the investment required.
  • The technologies required to meet our 2020 goals are already proven, available now and the policies needed to implement them known.
  • Investment now in the technologies of the future order is essential if we are to meet longer-term targets.
  • Financial support will be needed to enable global deployment of low-carbon technologies but the non-climate benefits are also significant.
  • Copenhagen can provide the spur for international collaboration that will bring costs down and accelerate diffusion and deployment. (Source: ClimateBiz, July 6, 2009).

    Contact: Tom Howard-Vyse, Press Contact, The Climate Group, +44 (0) 207 960-2991, thoward-vyse@theclimategroup.org, ww.theclimategroup.org. The report is available for download as a PDF.