The Department of Energy has issued a $1.4 billion Funding Opportunity Announcement for CCS projects and for projects that will put CO2 to work. The agency anticipates making multiple awards for cost-shared projects, with recipients providing at least 20% funding. The total investment could create 3,000 jobs over six years. Two technology areas will receive funding:

# Large-scale industrial CCS ($1.32 billion): This money will fund projects that capture CO2 from large industrial sources — such as cement plants, chemical plants, refineries, steel and aluminum plants, and manufacturing facilities — and store it safely below ground in deep geologic formations. Projects that will store more than one million tons per year by 2015 will have the best chance for success.

# Innovative and beneficial use of CO2 ($100 million): Funding will support projects that turn CO2 from flue gases into useful commercial products such as carbonates, plastics and fuels — which could be a vital solution in areas where sequestration simply isn’t practical.

The closing date for applications is August 7, 2009, and the awards will be announced in September. (Source: Energy Central, DOE, June 15, 2009).

Contact: Brittley K. Robbins, National Energy Technology Lab, (412) 386-5430,,; US Government Grants, DE-FOA-0000015,; More information on the FOA can be gleaned by downloading this PDF.