Carbon Sciences Inc., a developer of a breakthrough technology to recycle C02 emissions into gasoline and other fuels, indicates it has achieved a significant technical development in reducing the reaction time of its CO2-to-Fuel process from hours to minutes, increasing the scalability and decreasing the costs of building and operating an industrial scale plant using the process.

According to the company, in previous designs of its biocatalytic process, CO2 was transformed into fuel in approximately 10 hours. Now, with advanced breakthroughs in enzyme encapsulation and a new and novel micro-sized biocatalytic structure, the company has managed to reduce the timing to from 10 to 30 minutes. As reported in our March 4, 2009 ed ition, the company plans to license the technology. (Source: Earth Times, June 29, 2009)

Contact: Byron Elton, President, Carbon Science Inc. (805) 456-7000,