LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In 2010 the revenues on the global market for biodiesel were estimated to be more than $18 billion, this index being projected to grow unprecedentedly in the coming years – the revenues are forecast to climb to the peak of $70 billion.

New-age technologies coupled with economical and ecological advances will further on play in favor of biodiesel market development and growth. Newer feedstock sources such as waste grease, algae, yellowhorn and jatropha are undoubtedly posed to spur the market too.

Nowadays China has reached the highest figures of automobile units sold thus becoming the largest automotive market leaving even the USA behind. Given the latest concern of the Chinese government in ecological security, biodiesel market boom is projected for the country along with vast investments influx.

Detailed review and forecast on global, regional and country markets of biodiesel can be found in the new market research report “Biodiesel World Market Outlook 2011” that covers present situation, historical background and future forecast and addresses comprehensive data showing biodiesel capacities, production, consumption, trade statistics, and prices in the recent years are provided (globally, regionally and by country).

Report Details:

Biodiesel World Market Outlook 2011
Published: January, 2011
Pages: 200

The report indicates a wealth of information on biodiesel producers and suppliers, covers biodiesel production in the respective country, major biodiesel producers, biodiesel consumption in the country market, biodiesel trade in the country, biodiesel prices. Biodiesel market forecast for next five years, including market volumes and prices is also provided.

The study on biodiesel has been completed by Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd, an internationally recognized market research agency, specializing in chemical industry. “Biodiesel World Market Outlook 2011” is included into the catalogue “Petrochemicals”, which also highlights Benzene, Caprolactam (CPL), Ethylbenzene (EB), Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Melamine, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Orthoxylene, Phthalic Anhydride (PA), Styrene, Toluene markets.

Monthly report updates for “Biodiesel World Market Outlook 2011” are available at