US – The US biodiesel industry has launched its largest-ever advertising campaign to raise awareness of the economic, environmental and national security benefits of the first EPA-designated advanced biofuel to reach nationwide production.

The multi-million dollar project will include national television advertising, coupled with regional print and radio advertising as well as an online presence.

The centerpiece of the education effort that started on Sunday is a 30-second spot that will air across the nation on Sunday-morning network talk shows.

The ads feature the tagline, “Biodiesel. America’s Advanced Biofuel” and focus on biodiesel’s viability here and now. The television spot highlights biodiesel use in the Dallas area to demonstrate the fuel’s practical, common-sense appeal in communities across the country.

“The public generally doesn’t know that there is an advanced biofuel here now,” said Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), the industry trade association.

“This is not some pipedream. Biodiesel today is fueling long-haul trucks from Florida to California, municipal buses in Texas, Ford pickups in Detroit, and Volkswagens in New York City.”

“It’s helping communities reduce air pollution while cutting greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change,” Mr Jobe said.

“It’s creating jobs and economic growth while generating hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues. And it’s reducing our heavy dependence on foreign oil, the single largest component of our massive national trade deficit.

NBB worked with PCI Communications, a leading provider of creative communications services for Fortune 500 corporations, national associations, and federal agencies, to create the multi-media campaign.