China’s rapid economic growth and heavy reliance on increasingly expensive foreign oil, the vast environmental toll that is one of the most apparent costs of China’s economic success, persistent rural poverty in China and periodic power shortages all have impressed upon the Chinese government that renewable energy must be a large part of China’s economy if China is to both complete its economic transformation and achieve “energy security”. China rapidly has moved along the path of renewable energy development.

In the near-term China plans to develop 120000 MW’s of renewable energy by the year 2020; this would account for 12% of China’s total installed energy producing capacity. China’s growth target for renewable energy production will require an investment of approximately 800 billion Yuan (~US$100 billion) by 2020.

China has set a renewable energy target of 10% of electric power capacity by 2010 (expected 60 GW); 5% of primary energy by 2010 and 10% of primary energy by 2020. In the long term China has set an objective of having 30% or more of its total energy requirements satisfied by renewable sources by 2050.

The emerging renewable energy and sustainable development sectors in China have provided global companies who have products and services to sell to or buy from China’s rapidly growing renewable energy and sustainable development sectors and other policy makers, NGOs and interested parties. There have been coordinated efforts by Chinese companies, industry associations, central and local government agencies and non-governmental organizations to develop the renewable energy sector.

Aruvian’s R’search presents a focus on the Renewable Energy Industry in China in its report – Analyzing Renewable Energy in China. The report is a complete analysis of the various sectors of renewable energy in China. Starting with an analysis of the overall energy industry in China, the report analyzes the following renewable commodities: small hydro power, large and medium hydropower, biomass, solar, and wind energy. China’s environment for the development of renewable energy is also discussed in details in the report. Regulatory frameworks, government incentives, government programs promoting the use of renewable energy, etc., are all described in the report.

A comprehensive overview of the Chinese Renewable Energy Law is included to indicate the rising demand for energy in the country and how China is planning to meet these requirements. A profile of the Chinese energy industry and US cooperation is also included.

Major industry players such as China Sun Biochem, China Biodiesel International, Camco International, Renesola, etc., are also profiled in the Aruvian’s Analyzing Renewable Energy in China.