Fiat will be introducing its MultiAir gas engine on the sporty Alfa Romeo MiTo starting in September with a range of 1.4-litre turbos. As our archives detail, MultiAir engines boost power and torque, and cut CO2 emissions by up to 25%, and NOx emissions by up to 60%, by exerting tight control over combustion through electro-hydraulic valves.

The new Alfa Romeo MiTo will come with three power options that cut carbon emissions by 10%, and nitrogen emissions by 60%. Fiat will also debut a Start-Stop mild hybrid system in the MiTo, which has the potential to further reduce city-driving emissions by another 10% or so.

Fiat is also developing a two-cylinder turbo-charged MultiAir engine that is 25% lighter than the 4-cylinder model, but with the same power number of horses.

Editor’s Note: Of course, we expect to see MultiAir engines in North America as the new Chrysler emerges. (Source: Autocar UK, June 15, 2009)

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