AgOil International, LLC of St. Petersburg, Florida has teamed up with Georgia Alternative Fuels, LLC (GAF) of Pendergrass, Georgia to generate an algae based start-to-finish renewable fuel production system.

AgOil has completed the R&D phase of its system which includes overall system design, testing of proprietary inventions, submission of two patent applications, culture of many strains of microalgae, production of algal oil, and methods for maximization of oil production. The next step is to build a pilot plant to grow and process the algae, demonstrating the full process from the test tube to the fuel-tank using GAF’s Electro Catalysis technology.

The two companies are pursuing major investment and venture capital opportunities for the project. Access their full report From the Test Tube to the Fuel Tank: Two Innovative Small Businesses Partner to Produce Biodiesel from Algae HERE (Source: AgOil, September 1, 2009)

Contact: Frank Preg, President & CEO, AgOil International L.L.C. (727) 216-8747,,; Alan Lawrence, CEO, Georgia Alternative Fuels, (404) 735-5866