High Efficiency Hybrid A/C Units and Related Hardware

Additional technical documents on the Hybrid A/C units below.

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Item Manufacturer Model #
Condition MSRP Price
Complete System:
Hybrid A/C SolCool SCO24 V3 New 3,400.00 900.00
Spare Parts:
Water Cooler (bottled water) Livart LV-210 (no hot) New 207.56 60.00
Water Cooler Dispenser Aquacell Aquacell-1000 New 995.00 225.00
Water Cooler Dispenser Aquacell Aquacell-1000 Demo 995.00 100.00
Solar Mounting Brackets SolCool New 5.00 1.00
A/C Condenser (image) Tecumseh AJA2429ZXAXA New 704.64 395.00
Refrigerant Solonoid Valve Emerson New 200.00 50.00
A/C Duct Add-on SolCool New 20.00 5.00

The SolCool Version 3 (see photo below) is a revolutionary low-power unit that runs internally on DC power.  The SolCool can plug into a standard 110-volt wall socket if available, but also uses a combination of 12-volt solar/back-up batteries for its internal grid such that it can be operated completely from solar panels or a wind turbine. Its modular form fits any type of residence or commercial building, from a single-family home to a condo tower to a professional office space to a warehouse.  Each Version 3 unit uses 80% less electricity and provides about 2 tons of cooling with a 67 SEER rating.  In the Las Vegas valley, each unit will cool about 800sq/ft. The advanced design of the system does not add any humidity to the air inside the structure.

We recommend the SolCools be use in conjunction with a traditional A/C unit where the SolCool is set 2-3 degrees below the regular A/C thermostat.  This will save a considerable amount of electricity without sacrificing any performance during peak heat of a summer day in the desert.  The system is controlled by a standard A/C thermostat.

One benefit of the SolCool system is that the solar panels charge an internal AGM battery bank (included). This means the A/C keeps on chugging long after the sun has gone down and you want to sleep in comfort – particularly if the unit is cooling a cabin completely off the grid.  Even better – because the unit will run from the internal batteries, SolCool keeps cooling even in a blackout or brownout. The unit has a high-end 110V/12V power inverter so you can use it as an alternative energy source, plugging in lights or a ceiling fan so you can be fully equipped if the lights go out.


  • EER: 980.5
  • BTU : 24000
  • Particulate Reduction: >40%
  • Voltage: 120/12
  • Cooling capacity: 2.2-ton
  • Dimensions: 5’0″X3’0″X3’0″
  • Weight: 325 lb
  • Water Capacity: Self-regulating
  • Reservoir Temperature: 37° Fahrenheit
  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty*
  • Refrigerant: 404A 1 lb
  • Compressor: ½ HP Tecumseh, (6 Amp AC)
  • Direct CFM: 1200
  • Protection: Housing and select interior components treated with Aqua Armor
  • Construction: AC Platform Cabinet is 22 Gauge Powder Coated Steel
  • Paint: Powder-coated, baked-on

Common Questions/Answers:

  1. Q: If we run the SolCool (2 ton) entirely and only on grid power, how much is the exact Wattage it uses?
    A: 1300 watts
  2. Q: In the Internet the system is specified as a 2 ton system, could you clarify what the exact capacity of refrigeration is? (does 1 ton equal 12’000 BTU/h or 13’440BTU/h in your calculations)
    A: 2.2 ton w/additional CFM’s
  3. Q: How much humidity will the SolCool remove if the relative humidity is around 71-85%?
    A: It removes 20% humidity.
  4. Q: For an air duct installation, if done, What is in your experience the maximum length of the ducts before you lose cooling capacity or air speed?
    A:  About 25ft
  5. Q: What is your recommended maximum length of wiring before the direct current loses too much power? (In case of ceiling fan, lighting and solar panel-battery pack distance).
    A:  100-125ft
  6. Q: Is the solar panel included with the unit?
    A:  No
  7. Q: What are the specifics for the Solar panel connection besides watt,amps?
    A:  12 volt D/C
  8. Q: What is the expected lifetime of the overall system?
    A:  15-20 years
  9. Q: Could you provide a list of all spare parts pricing?
    A:  Yes
  10. Q: Can the wet pads be cleaned or are they entirely replaced?
    A:  They need to be replaced – std pad material
  11. Q: Is the battery protected from discharging below the 50% optimalpoint?
    A:  Yes
  12. Q: Can the battery power be extended by simply adding additional battery packs and higher capacity solar panels? Will that require changes to the SolCool electrical system?
    A:  We can extend battery power with no electrical changes
  13. Q: Can you clarify what role of the Cool guard is? Is it optional or integral? And what its purpose is?
    A:  It helps maintain water temperature
  14. Q: What is the optional water tank used for specifically?
    A:  It is used where no water source is available so is not needed where a water supply line is available.
  15. Q: What is the specific water consumption of the system, if any?
    A:  It consumes approximately 5 gallons per week.
  16. Q: For the 100% return install, does that mean that the SolCool will absolutely draw no additional air from outside?
    A: Yes
  17. Q: What is the weight and dimension of a SolCool?
    A: It weighs about 325 lbs and measures 3×3 ft around the base.
  18. Q: Is it an evaporative system?
    A:  It uses a compressor to chill water not evaporation.
  19. Q: Can the unit run from a large battery bank or exclusively from the included battery?
    A:  Yes, it can run from a large battery bank.
  20. Q: What is the unit’s power rating at what duty cycle?
    A:  1300 watts at 100% duty cycle.
  21. Q: What is the maximum water quality needed? Is tap water ok? Does it need to be filtered? Softened? Distilled?
    A:  Tap water is fine – we recommend a carbon filter to reduce the mineral build-up on the pads and  internal unit parts.
  22. Q: List of components, installation check list, tools required for maintenance and commissioning.
    A: Standard A/C maintenance tools – all wear parts are available from a HVAC supply outlet.
  23. Q: What is the minimum output air temperature that this machine can obtain if outside temperature is 100 degrees F with atmospheric relative humidity of 40%?
    A:  55 degrees Fahrenheit
  24. Q: How many hours will it operate if only on fully charged battery?
    A:  3 hrs D/C side only
  25. Q: How many liters/gallons of water will it consume per fill? If at all, when do we replace this water?
    A:  Continues to water feed for it has a float.
  26. Q: Does the PCM (Phase Change Material) need to be changed, replaced or maintained in any way?
    A:  No
  27. Q: Are there any special skills needed in terms of maintenance/installation/commissioning?
    A:  No – just standard HVAC install and maintenance.
  28. Q: What is the output flow of the air from the blower, draft fan, wind flux in ft/hr³ or m/hr³?
    A:  1400 cfm’s

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