Arizona Public Service in Phoenix, AZ will receive $70,500,000 in ARRA funding to broaden the scope of an existing industrial and innovative reuse carbon mitigation project. The algae-based project will now expand to include testing with a coal-based gasification system, with the aim of cutting the amount of CO2 emitted in the gasification process. The DOE says, “Arizona Public Service will sc ale up a concept for co-production of electricity and substitute natural gas via coal gasification, while scaling up an innovative reutilization technology where power plant CO2 emissions are biologically captured by algae and processed into liquid transportation fuels.” We reported on this project’s initial funding in our May 18, 2009 edition. (Source: US Department of Energy, September 15, 2009)

Contact: Mike Jacobs, Office of Communications, Department of Fossil Energy, US Department of Energy, (202) 586-0507,; Arizona Public Service,